Karva Chauth 2015

Karva Chauth is a major festival among the Indian culture where women play a crucial role. Although it is restricted to northern part of the India, but it is the choice women of other state to do that or not. On this day women keep fast whole day (even not drinking water) and does it for praying to god for long life of their husband and their well being. But it is not like that only women keep this fast. In many places it has been a culture that male also keep fast for long g life of their wife.  But how, this tradition originated, let’s read below.

Karva Chauth 2015 Date: When is Karva Chauth?

Karva Chauth in 2015 will be celebrated on October 30.

Karva Chauth in 2016 will be celebrated on October 19.

History of Karva Chauth

Although Karva Chauth is now restricted to keeping fast for the husbands, but its origin is little different from what it is now. It is said that earlier since there were very less means of transportation, when a new bride used to get married, she was having no one with whom she can share her problem if she is facing some in her in laws house. So during that time the concept of god sister started. Bride used to make a strong friend in her laws house and she use to discuss any problem with her. When their relationships grow stronger, they were called as the god sisters and for that a ceremony was organized. But later as time changed the tradition of keeping fast for the husband started and that is how the origin of Karva Chauth came.

How People celebrate the Karva Chauth tradition

Earlier the Karva Chauth was all about women keeping fast for their husbands and breaking it after seeing the full moon.  But as time passes, thing tends to change. Now what picture we see today for the Karva Chauth, is totally different from the earlier days. Now as most of the population still does the same practice of keeping fast, but quite good part of population apart from keeping fast does other thing also. In various restraints, there are special packages for husband and wife for this day. In several places, dance competitions and eat out are also carried put. But still the sole idea of keeping fast and breaking it only when seeing full moon is still intact.

Usually in the night women decorate a steel plate with all the items necessary for the prayers and go out on the terrace to see full moon. After seeing the full moons and offering Jal (Holy water) to it, it is the time when husband gives holy water to wife for drinking and that is how wife end here fast.

Since due to globalization, usually husbands are far from wife, due to office works, so the video chat is the ideal method for breaking the fast. Breaking fast just by seeing the photo of husband is also there. The only thing needed is the faith towards the god; rest is all your choice.

Mehendi, Churiwallas etc are having good times in this tradition because, women buy new bangles and put up good formation on their hand using the Mehendi.